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We run a collection every season with a small batch for zero waste to prevent overstock. Slow production prevents overworking for our skilled makers.
The factories we use:

    • Knit & T-shirts Factory - Los Angeles, CA

Our factory in L.A. makes for the biggest ethical brands in the U.S. They are partners of many Ethical Brands like us. They run a very efficient and orderly factory, and they are audited by a third party to ensure that they meet strict social compliance standards.

    • Sweater,woven,knit Factory - Seoul, South Korea and Peru

Sweaters are being made in a small patch in a factory that has been a family business for a long time. Our factory is a family-run business. The factory is very clean and well-maintained and is audited annually for social and environmental compliance. It also is focused on sustainability.

    • Woven Factory - Guangzhou, China

This is our exclusive factory; it is a small factory with 12 people. We exclusive factory because it is easy to indicate not only for quality but also their ethical environment.
They hold social welfare and production quality to the highest standards. Together, we employ adults who are paid a living wage, work in bright, clean, and airy environments and choose to come to work. This includes US-based standards of working hours, paying overtime, and never allowing triple shifts.
All mailers are recycled, and we repurpose boxes for storage
We love recycled & reused aiming for zero waste.