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We believe in producing the highest quality focusing on expert detailing, high-end production, and durable fabrics. Making garments that will last for years and lessening the need for overconsumption.

We pay attention to every stage of the process from the way the fabric is sourced to the needle and stitching used.
Amente clothing stands up to washing and retaining its shape.
Thoughtful details like French seams, side gussets, and small stitching count for the long life of each garment.
We curate our collections season to season with ease in mind, and in a timeless manner. amente is a wardrobe that consists of a range of garments from exquisite, minimal eveningwear to our signature oversized jumpsuits meant as mindless "throw on and go" pieces for the customer who wants to look effortlessly cool. Our customer is confident, knows what looks good on her, and is of the mentality that fashion should be simple and easy, rather than fussy or the slightest bit uncomfortable.
We are not following the fast trend but our own taste of style.