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Natural and organic skincare made on the west coast of Sweden with a simple philosophy: innovation driven by nature, not chemicals.

verso design- Finland

We are responsible for the design of Verso Design products. Early in life, we learnt the basic values of Scandinavian design, such as the use of natural materials, high-quality manufacturing, functionality, and design that stands the test of time. They are a natural starting point for us when we think of new products.

Murchison-Hume - Australia

Murchison-Hume is a Lifestyle brand that's all about elevating the everyday. Founded in 2008 in Sydney, Australia by LA-native Max Kater, Murchison-Hume lies at the intersection of beauty and practicality.

Iris Hantverk _ Handmade in Sweden

The Iris Hantverk company produces high-quality handmade household items using techniques that date back to the 19th century.Enlisting the skills of top designers to conceptualize their products, they hire and support visually impaired craftspeople to create these meticulously assembled pieces.