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Handmade crocheted designer "Gabriele Skucas"

Gabriele Skucas was born in Lithuania, and moved to Chicago with her parents at the age of 5.

She studied at Central Saint Martins, and graduated with a Masters degree in Fashion Knitwear.

Her love for natural textiles and handmade crocheted garments comes from her mother's textile studies as a young woman in Lithuania.

As she grows into womanhood, she is retracing much of her Lithuanian heritage, where women work largely with their hands and clothing technology is still quite obsolete.

Her ethos of wearing and making clothing which spans over a long time overlaps with Amente's mantra of quality and sustainable fabrics and ethical production standards being placed at the highest importance.

It is by luck that she met the designers of Amente, but it has been a very fruitful and natural partnership.